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How T.O.M.B. Got Started

In the year of 2002, God had a divine appointment with Evangelist Cathy Byrd in a vision, God showed her a tomb with men of all races, creeds, and colors. These men were crying desperately, Help! Help! Help! At the cry of help she was awaken, and very shaken, Cathy ask God what does this mean? Three days later God showed her “taking our men back,” she answered God’s call by organizing a ministry, “Taking Our Men Back.” Today it is our endeavor to take our men back, studies show 1 in 37 United States adults have done prison time and about 1/3 of the former prisoners in 2001 are still under correctional system supervision, including 166,000 in local jails. The rest were either on parole or on probation. In addition, the Federal Bureau reported that a record 2.1 million people were in federal, state, or local custody at the end of 2002. A study projected that by 2010; about 3.4 percent of the adult U. S. population will have served in prison. Some family’s father, son, uncle, or brother has fulfilled this projection, but we can change these statistics!
Join us in ‘Taking Our Men Back’!